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Shrimp (চিংড়ি, இரால்) contains a good amount of protein, and it is low in cal

Gross-wt: 500gm

Can be Delivered : Today


Pomfret (চাঁদা, পমফ্রেট, வௌவால் மீன்), Weighs: 150-200Gm

Gross-wt: 500gm

Can be Delivered : Today

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Do you enjoy seafood? Do you have access to reputable fish markets offering the highest quality services for your desired fish- fresh or ready-to-eat? Is it readily available in the market anytime you need it?

Seafood (fishes) remains one of the most nutritious animal resources on the planet earth and one of the most abundant too.

If you’re a fish lover, you should know exactly where, when and how to buy or order fish online- fresh or ready-to-eat. You should know online fish ordering outlets where you can get the highest quality of your desired type of fish.

Of course, there are numerous fish buying outlets today all claiming to offer the best quality services. However, the difference is actually on the delivery process, the quality of the fish, its availability, and payment method, not necessarily what the outlet claims. This is where we The Fresh Fish Market take the lead.

For example, here in thefreshmeatmarket.com we present you the most nutritious fishes available in the Indian market, fresh or ready-to-eat, and in the highest quality possible including: Rahu (Rohu), Katla, Basa, Magur, Tengra, Pomfret, Tilapia, and more.

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